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Education and Advocacy Program

Many people in the world are willing to help victims of human rights; but they don't know what is really happening. One of VFSP’s goals is to provide credible information so that people know where human crimes are occurring, who is affected and how we can help victims. At present, our program of activities is focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The DRC had been experiencing war for more that 20 years. The main cause of this war is that some businesses need minerals from Congo. These businesses allow all sorts of crimes (killing, rapes, false rebellion, child and slave labour …) on local human populations in order to exploit what they need for free. The education program has two main steps: The first step is “getting knowledge on what is happening”. The second step is doing something about what is happening.

Get Informed

Businesses exploiting minerals don’t tell the world that they selfishly and nastily allow horrible crimes on local populations in Congo in order to get expensive mineral for free. This article published by ABC will provide you with more information about those crimes. This other link will explain more about who is behind the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amnesty International is denouncing the worse labour of children in the Democratic Repubic of Congo. In the past, Amnesty International has started to organise actions against the impunity in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the past. These actions need to be continued and to be supported by the maximum number of people. Some residents in Canada showed a lot of courage by protesting against rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Get Involved

There are several actions to be undertaken in the future. But, right now, we just need to support existing petition against the impunity in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here is a petition initiated by Vava Tampa and supported by William Hague from the English government.You can also join many other people to take a stand against the use of rape as a weapon of war.