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Assistance Program

During the war many people are wounded in many ways. They suffer from physical torture, they lose their relatives, they lose their wealth, even their countries. So, they suffer from a composite set of different types of traumas. Among victims, are children who lose their parents and have uncertain futures. Currently, VFSP is running a program to support children who have lost their parents in north Kivu, precisely in the territories of Libero and Beni. Since 2014, a strange movement of warriors appeared in this region, a movement composed of people who get into villages and kills everybody they meet with machetes, axes, knifes and weapons. They also proceed by burning houses. In these conditions, some children have lost their parents and escaped the killing by running or by being transported by other adults who had been able to run before being killed. Voice for Silent People is running the program locally with a local committed team. This team is doing a great job of collecting children who don’t have anywhere to sleep and offer them human conditions of living. For these children, each US$25 dollars or AU$35 helps to respond to school, health and nutritional needs of on child per month. So, any amount you donate will make a difference in that specific region.

Do you want to donate? Any amount you can donate is welcome. There is an expression which says one and zero are not the same. The one makes a difference. You can donate here.