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About Us

Our mission

Human dignity promotion

Our rationale

Every human being has a right to live his or her life with dignity. In our world today, there are many situations of injustice and oppression that deny people this fundamental right. Many of these people become silent victims, whose voices are not heard. As citizens in a global society, we believe we all have a duty to work towards equity and justice for every person. Voice for Silent People endeavours to be a voice for the voiceless through promotion of human rights.

Our vision

Voice for Silent People strives to: Recognise and promote the human dignity of all people. Educate the community about the stories of the victims of injustice who have no voice. Advocate for a change of attitude and understanding of the need to support and provide a voice for victims.

Our goals

  • To establish Voice for Silent People as an entity in the community
  • To know the story of a range of unjust situations and to discern the facts behind the story
  • To raise consciousness about unjust situations, particularly conflict and violence, locally and globally
  • To educate for cultural change when the negation of a person’s rights is as a result of unacceptable cultural beliefs and practices
  • To empower victims of injustice to seek support and justice for themselves